Hitman 3 has five new Featured Contracts available now in Chongqing

Pack your bags 47, you’re off to China again.

Today five brand new Featured Contracts have been added to Hitman 3. This is the first wave of Featured Contracts coming to the game as part of March’s content roadmap. Each, giving players a new challenge to overcome in the Chongqing location, was put together by the team at EasyAllies. Players can find them at the top of the Featured Contracts menu in-game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first of these Contracts, Media Blackout, tasks players with killing five targets using the SMG, all whilst wearing the facility guard disguise. Subduing anyone during the mission results in a failure and restart.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shadow Drops gives players three targets to kill using accidents, while Agent 47 wears one of his incredible suits. Any non-target kills will cause the mission to fail, as will changing Agent 47’s disguise or getting caught on camera without erasing the footage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Brand Manager Gets The Ax has a single target who needs to be killed with the fire axe. Getting caught performing illegal actions results in a failure, and the body must be hidden before anyone can find it. Non-target kills and changing disguises are also strictly off-limits.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Defy Expectations has three targets with various kill requirements. All bodies must be hidden, and Agent 47 can’t be seen doing anything illegal. Any shots that don’t hit an NPC will fail the mission immediately.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, Become A Killer requires five targets to be killed with various weapons, and whilst Agent 47 wears four separate disguises. All bodies must be hidden, and security tapes need to be erased if 47 is seen.