Hitman 3 Season of Pride kicks off next week with a new Escalation

The second expansion adds a lot of new items for Agent 47 to kill with.


Image via Io Interactive

The trailer for Hitman 3’s second Season of Sin, the Season of Pride, was released today. It shows off just some of the content that the game’s next expansion and season will bring, including a new Escalation based on the theme of pride and a collection of new items for Agent 47 to use throughout all locations in the main game that players can unlock.

The second Seven Deadly Sin expansion will go live on May 10. If you’ve purchased the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, then you’ll unlock it for free. Anyone who buys the Pride expansion will also gain access to the exclusive content in the Season of Pride. This will no doubt be similar to the Season of Greed, though IO Interactive has yet to reveal a roadmap.

The trailer for the Season of Pride shows that Diana, Agent 47’s handler, is trying to get in touch with him. However, the darker voice that players will be familiar with from Season of Greed speaks over her and pushes 47 to take back the authority over his assassinations.

The Escalation that this season and expansion brings to the game is called The Pride Profusion and appears to be set in Chongqing. By completing it, players will unlock the stunning Majestic sniper rifle, The Proud Swashbuckler sword, and a new outfit, The Narcissus Suit. IO Interactive will probably reveal a roadmap for the season closer to the season’s release date.