Hitman 3 servers are down for Season of Gluttony maintenance

Your meal is almost ready, 47.


Image via IO Interactive


Io Interactive has confirmed that it expects server maintenance to finish at 6 AM PT today across all platforms.

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Season of Gluttony launches today for Hitman 3, but not before IO Interactive has had time to live the new content and test it. While there’s no major game update for Hitman 3 today, the game’s servers will be down until the developers have had time to check that the new content is available.

IO Interactive notified fans that Hitman 3’s servers would be down this morning at 3 AM PT. However, the developer didn’t specify how long the servers would be down. Providing everything goes smoothly, Season of Gluttony could be live within one or two hours. If the developers discover an issue, though, it could take much longer. 

When it comes to Hitman 3’s major updates, IO Interactive usually works through Stadia, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, then PlayStation in order or priority. However, since this is server-side work, the season should simultaneously go live for players across all platforms.

Season of Gluttony brings a new Escalation and set of rewards for players to earn. The roadmap for the season hasn’t been revealed at the time of writing, but it’s expected that there will be more Featured Contracts and at least two Elusive Targets coming to the game over the next few weeks.