Hitman World of Assassination Summer Roadmap 2023 Revealed

The summer 2023 roadmap for Hitman World of Assassination packs in new challenges, suits, and new premium content for all players.


Image via Io Interactive

Developer IO Interactive has revealed the summer 2023 roadmap for Hitman World of Assassination. This roadmap shows all the new and returning content coming into the rotation over the course of the next three months, giving players a reason to dive back into their favorite sandbox assassination title.

Hitman World of Assassination is still being supported by IO Interactive, with a full roster of content coming out during the summer of 2023. The game will see new unlockable suits, challenges, and premium content over the next three months. For some fans, this will be the first time they can access certain aspects of the title.

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Hitman World of Assassination Gives Players Loads of New Content This Summer

Today, IO Interactive shared the official summer 2023 roadmap for Hitman World of Assassination. Unlike past roadmaps, this one covers the three-month period from June to August 2023, showcasing all the new and returning content players can enjoy over that time.

The official notes on the summer 2023 roadmap go into detail on everything coming to Hitman World of Assassination. The most interesting new content being added to the game includes two new challenges, Kick Back Kimono and Hot Fizzsh, which unlock The VIP Patient and Tropical Islander Suits, respectively. Alongside this new content are nine returning Elusive Targets, two Curated Contracts packages, and a refocus on the Dartmoor Garden Show Escalation.

On August 17, Hitman World of Assassination will get a full game update with quality of life and stability improvements. On the same day, premium content that was previously exclusive to Hitman 3 as a pre-order bonus will become available for any player to purchase. The Trinity Pack consists of three cosmetic sets for Agent 47 to wear in any location across the world of assassination.

That’s not all, though. The Sarajevo Six, a campaign of six additional missions previously exclusive to Hitman 2016, will also be released on August 17, bringing new playable content to the game that’s been locked away for years. Fans who have joined the reboot series with Hitman 3 may not have access to either content pack. IO Interactive is finally adding them because players have been requesting them for years, notably The Trinity Pack.