Hogwarts Legacy Fans Prepare To Go Portable Following Preorder Launch

With Nintendo’s recent announcement that fans can finally preorder Hogwarts Legacy for Switch, the November release feels real at last.

Hogwarts Legacy Switch Preorder

Image via Portkey Games

When Hogwarts Legacy launched earlier this year, it was available across multiple platforms with one notable exception: Nintendo Switch. Since the initial announcement, the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back enough times that some of us began to wonder whether we’d ever see a handheld version of this wizarding world installment.

This week, Nintendo announced that Hogwarts Legacy is available for preorder on Nintendo Switch, which is the closest we’ve gotten to making our portable portkey dreams a reality.

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Nintendo Switch Gamers Can Now Preorder Hogwarts Legacy

On Twitter, NintendoLife announced that the game is available for digital preorder in the Nintendo Store.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Switch release date has most recently been set as November 14th. However, this isn’t the first release date we’ve had for the platform, and prior promises wound up getting delayed. Now, this preorder has fans thinking it might be happening this time.

In addition to the general excitement of finally being able to play this game on the handheld device, there is a special preorder exclusive available for Nintendo Switch fans who want to grab their ticket for the Hogwarts Express early. Fans who preorder the game from the Nintendo Store will unlock an exclusive Onyx Hippogriff in the game as an extra incentive.

In response to this long-awaited announcement, many fans of the wizarding world are chiming in with Twitter comments, noting it’s “about time” and expressing their excitement after “waiting for this drop for SO long.”

Others are concerned about gameplay quality, as other big titles have struggled when adapted for Nintendo Switch in the past. Fans speculate that these challenges have been behind the delayed release date for the platform, but some are still concerned about graphic quality and other playability concerns.

Even with these potential pitfalls, this is exciting news for those waiting for this release, as the preorder campaign makes it seem much more likely that Hogwarts Legacy will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 14th.