Hunt: Showdown shows off upcoming DeSalle map in new trailer

Snipers, this one’s for you.

Hunt Showdown new map DeSalle

Image by Crytek.

After many months of teasers and concept art highlights, Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek has finally revealed the upcoming new map DeSalle, the game’s third. The DeSalle map is drastically different from the current Hunt: Showdown maps in both its terrain and aesthetic. Featuring an abandoned logging camp, a mine, a shipyard, and plenty of mountainside areas, DeSalle seems to have the most diverse selection of points of interest of any of the game’s current arenas.

Many in the Hunt: Showdown community have also noted the map’s many types of elevated terrain. With its verticality, this new map will be a godsend for players who favor the sharpshooter playstyle. This is clearly intended by the developers, as the trailer showcases multiple moments with high-ground snipes.

There is no exact date set for the release of the DeSalle map, but Crytek has stated that the new map will be available on the Hunt: Showdown test server “soon.” We expect the map to drop during or after the upcoming Hunt: Showdown community event. Like every Hunt: Showdown event, this one will arrive alongside an update containing new cosmetics and items, including the much anticipated Native American Legendary Hunters and the new bow weapon.