Hyrule gets gummy with a weird new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom promo

Just what every lunchbox needs.

Image via Nintendo

Who hasn’t looked at the gelatinous ChuChus in The Legend of Zelda series and instantly wondered just what they would taste like? The electrified ones especially would probably do some fun things to your palate. Nintendo is not waiting for fan demand to make these dreams come true, however, as they have sprung up one of the weirdest promotions linked to a major gaming title in recent memory. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can now include exclusive ChuChu gummy treats in its repertoire of prerelease products coming this May, complete with unique sword-shaped picks to stab the little buggers before putting them in your mouth.

The obvious gimmick here is the fact that these are not just simple fruit snacks in a bag, but provide the sensation of defeating them in combat through the pick as well. The sword pick comes in five different variations of famous weapons from the Zelda series but probably won’t break as easily as weapons in Breath of the Wild.

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The five gummies in each package are grape-flavored regardless of color, which is an interesting choice and not an instant thought for what flavor a ChuChu would be if consumed. Fans are having a laugh with the promotion, as it is just ridiculous enough to probably succeed. These morsels can be purchased from the Japanese Bandai website, but thankfully not for an increased price like the upcoming game.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12. Players are waiting anxiously to get their hands on it, but hopefully not to eat ChuChus. The official artbook has already leaked online, and fans are advised to tread carefully to avoid spoilers. Thankfully, these gummies probably won’t give too much away.