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Illumination launches Super Mario Bros. Plumbing company ad campaign complete with catchy commercial jingle

Let's-a go!

Illumination is looking to have some fun with the Super Mario Bros. Movie fans ahead of the Super Bowl. Hype has been building with the release date rapidly approaching, and not utilizing the plumbers’ popularity for the Super Bowl audience would be a waste. Just in time for the game, Illumination has launched a Super Mario Bros. Plumbing company ad campaign, including a website and new footage complete with a catchy commercial jingle.

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The commercial seems to be heavily inspired by 90s television ads, even having that retro look to it. The song created for the footage includes a hilarious rap and incorporates the iconic franchise music. Both Mario and Luigi help fix a New York woman’s clogged sink while bobbing their heads to the music and looking directly at the camera.

The two even take time to film a testimonial from the woman, who obviously cannot hide the fact that she’s reading a script. The commercial ends by directing fans to call 929-55-MARIO, which is actually a functional number. When dialed, you will hear a voice recording of Luigi with a lot of fun references. You can also text it to receive an automated message and a link to sign up for the community.

The campaign goes further, even having a fully-functional website, with hilarious testimonials that hide more clever references to the series’ history. The Mario Bros. don’t seem too reluctant to place negative reviews on their site.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters on April 7, and fans have already got teases of major characters, including Mario’s fight with Donkey Kong and an amazing poster featuring Bowser.

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