Kingdom Come Deliverance Sold 300000 Units On Steam, Peaked Concurrent Players Touches 75K


Kingdom Come Deliverance is off to a great start as far as sales are concerned and this has surprised me a lot considering the fact that the game did not receive many favourable reviews from the critics on the launch day and on top of that many PC players reported wide range of performance issues – Low FPS and many others. Despite all these, Kingdom Come Deliverance managed to sell about 500000 units worldwide.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Steam Sales Revealed

According to the details revealed by the developer Warhorse, Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold whopping 300000 units worldwide and over 100000 units at retail. These sales figures were revealed by Warhorse’s Daniel Vavra in a recent interview with our friend at Czech TV. He added that selling over a million units of the game would be nice for the development team.

“I think the game will be paid tomorrow, and anything over a million sold will be nice for us, and we are about to be in two days (from the release) to half”, Vavra said.

The game has performed exceptionally well on the Steam, it was a top seller on the day it launched and took no time breaking into the top 5 most played games. The highest concurrent players reached was at 75,071. These are some amazing figures considering the fact that Kingdom Come Deliverance does not appeal to a large section of the gaming community.

The sales details of Kingdom Come Deliverance PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was not provided by Vavra, he promised to reveal those details in a month.

Source: Czech TV