Kingdom Hearts III Reportedly Featuring 10-19 Worlds

According to a new report that has popped up on Reddit, it looks like Kingdom Hearts III could be featuring from 10 to 19 worlds. This would make it the biggest game in the Square Enix franchise to date.

The report claims that there’s been a bit of confusion with the translation of a statement from the developers, since they have used a word which has been translated as “roughly 10” while they meant “10-19” worlds.

Kingdom Hearts III Reportedly Featuring 10-19 Worlds

As it has been revealed in the past, the game is in the making at three different internal units at Square Enix, and each of them is working on at least three worlds for one of the sections of the title.

Olympus, Toy Box and Monstropolis are all in the first section of the development, which is also complete of an original world which is set to be used as a tutorial section, called Twilight Town.

This is speculation but apparently the three worlds per section mentioned are Disney’s, while other original ones could be in the making at Square Enix in a totally free shape.

Hopefully we’ll learn more at E3 2018, where also a release date is anticipated to be announced for later this year.

Source: Reddit