Kings Canyon will sit out of the rotation for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

This season is all about Olympus and World’s Edge.

Kings Canyon

It’s clear that Apex Legends players are excited about the first new map since season 3: Olympus, but with new territory to explore, comes old territory to retire. While this change isn’t permanent, Kings Canyon will be locked away for season 7: Ascension, and will not be part of the map rotation.

We already knew that Kings Canyon would not be showing up in Ranked Season 7, as the season will have the first half of its battles on Olympus and the second on World’s Edge. It’s since been confirmed that these will be the only maps in rotation for this season.

All of that said, Limited-Time Modes will still be present in the new season, and there could be LTMs that will take players back to Kings Canyon, such as Kings Canyon After Dark or Flashpoint. There is no guarantee that these modes will come back, but during the season we were only on World’s Edge, there were also LTMs that took us to Kings for a short time.

It is unclear if future seasons will bench other maps, or if in the future we will have a three-map rotation, but we do have confirmation that Kings Canyon will be coming back.