Latest Sons of the Forest update adds hotkey system for keyboard and mouse

Making weapon switching easier.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sons of the Forest has been out in early access for almost a week now, and Endnight Games is continuing to improve upon the experience by addressing key concerns. While the title is extremely popular, players have pointed out that the lack of hotkeys is a major pain point in the game. Switching between weapons and items is tedious even with the quick pack feature, and Endnight Games agrees. They have now implemented a hotfix to add a hotkey system for keyboard and mouse into Sons of the Forest.

After today’s update, players can now assign hotkeys to items in their inventory by pressing the preferred numerical keys while hovered over the specific items in their inventory. This essentially gives the player ten different buttons to attach to certain useful things in their stash.

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Sons of the Forest is a survival game that contains a ton of different items that you constantly need to shift between. The learning curve for the controls is a bit tedious, especially when you pull out a different weapon or item and find yourself scrambling through your inventory to change back to the previous one. Having a hotkey system streamlines the experience and allows for much faster switching between items.

The update also provides a hint for hotkeys in the loading screen, improves the cutscene skip prompt, added a heavy attack loading tip, and makes the back button close the Tutorial Book, Construction Manual, and Grab Bag when pressed.

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Sons of the Forest has already sold a ton of copies, and there are many mysteries to solve as you and your friends explore the island, searching for whatever you can find to fend off cannibals and mutants.