All companions in Sons of the Forest, and how to recruit them

You might need a little help to survive this mess.

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Fans are very curious about the new companion system in Sons of the Forest. Improving upon the original, these AI sidekicks can be recruited to help you survive the horrors of this isolated island wilderness. There are currently two companions for players to find in the early alpha version of the game, but Endnight Games might add more overtime. Let’s break down all you need to know about the available companions in Sons of the Forest.

Who are the available companions in Sons of the Forest?

The two companions are found towards the start of the fight for survival, and each has a distinct purpose:

  • Kelvin – This companion is recruitable at the beginning of the game. He is a survivor of the same helicopter crash as you, but his injuries have caused him to lose his hearing and suffer brain damage.
  • Virginia – You will encounter this NPC randomly while exploring. She is a family member of the billionaire you have been sent here to find and appears in the log during the helicopter ride. She has mutated to sprout multiple limbs, but seemingly has been able to keep some of her humanity in the process.

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Recruiting Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

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  • As soon as your helicopter crashes, you will notice Kelvin in the wreckage on the ground.
  • If you choose to interact with him by holding E, your character will help him up and inspect his bleeding ears before realizing that Kelvin is deaf.
  • Luckily the two of you can communicate through a notepad that has pre-assigned commands.
  • Kelvin can assist with collection tasks and basically takes care of himself. The character will eat and drink along with you, and warn you when he sees danger. Kelvin doesn’t actively fight with you when things get spicy, however.

Recruiting Virginia in Sons of the Forest

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  • The key to getting Virginia as a companion is to simply be friendly towards her. Overtime she will start visiting you and officially become a companion if you don’t take any hostile actions against her.
  • Virginia will not attack you, but is very skittish at first and will run away if you approach her, especially with a weapon out.
  • During the process of befriending Virginia, you will notice that she will start to interact with you and get more acquainted to being around you. She will often bring gifts, and can even dance for you.
  • Eventually, she starts to follow you on her own and is interactable with the E backpack icon.
  • You can give Virginia items and weapons, and even put a GPS tracker on her so you know her location.
  • She is actually quite good with a pistol and shotgun combo, seeing as she has the extra appendage.
  • Virginia will warn you when hostiles are nearby, but it might take some time before she’s confident in a fight.

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Keep in mind that both companions can die if they take too much damage or you choose to murder them. Most of the time Kelvin will just cower, but some players have had him go down for good. Others have had Virginia die to cannibals or disappear randomly off of their GPS permanently.