Leaks from the wizarding world art book reveal Hogwarts Legacy game length

A mixed bag of news.

Image via WB Games

(UPDATE: All links to the leaked content have been removed. The original story, sans external backlinks, is below.)

When you create a video game you have to constantly worry about information about it getting leaked to the public before release. Over the years, there have been countless titles that have had information seep out onto the internet and it looks like Hogwarts Legacy has become the latest victim of this. Yesterday, an apparent leak revealed pictures from the Hogwarts Legacy art book. This not only reveals more of what the various areas of the game look like but shows off the game’s length as well as gameplay mechanics that the community may be able to look forward to. As usual with leaks, everything must be taken with a grain of salt.

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Among the images that were leaked via @Bigby on Twitter were multiple shots of clothing designs that you may be able to dress your character in. There are also images that reveal how equipment will be handled as well as pictures that reveal areas like Hogsmead and the outer grounds of the castle. There is a full description of all the leaks condensed into one post on Reddit for the public to look at. Within the post, it is stated that the game is around 30 hours in length if your aim is to only complete the main story. If you are aiming to complete all sidequests and optional material, you can expect to play for around 70+ hours.

In the Reddit post, author Spheromancer states that there are multiple Merlin puzzles to solve, plenty of side missions, and dungeons with bosses. Not everything in the leak is good news, with some information pointing to cut content that may be set aside for DLC. There is also information regarding a decrease in the size of the map. While some of the information isn’t the best news, there is still plenty to look forward to like the great voice cast that was brought in for the game.