Like a Dragon: Ishin channels VTuber energy and adds Nyatasha Nyanners as a Special Guest Trooper Card

Nyatasha Nyanners can be used to charm your enemies.

Image via Sega

Like a Dragon: Ishin! takes players to the 1860s, with multiple Western ships arriving in Japan, sending the country into a spiral. Although the Like a Dragon series switched to an RPG style for Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Ishin features the more combat brawler system seen in the previous games. A mechanic that players can utilize in combat is Trooper Cards, where they summon allies into battle. Several guest stars, celebrities, and influencers can appear in these cards, and the latest announcement features VTuber Nyatasha Nyanners.

SEGA announced this Special Guest Trooper Card on their YouTube page, where Nyatasha Nyanners introduces the card, how it works, and their history with the series.

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When players discover this card, if used in combat, it unleashes the ability called the Essence of Conquering. If a player uses it, the Essence of Conquering briefly charms the vitality out of enemies, giving players a chance to recover their health. Other recent announcements to the Special Guest Trooper Card roster include composer Alex Moukala and AEW wrestler Kenny Omega.

Some Like a Dragon fans have been slightly careful following the announcement of these cards and using them in combat. A handful of fans have shared that including these cards ruins their immersion in the game, which seems a little off given the ridiculous history of Yakuza and Like a Dragon.

Thankfully, the development team has shared that these Trooper Cards are optional. They are not a requirement in combat, and if players prefer to avoid using them, they should find the standard gameplay mechanics are enough to complete many of the challenges awaiting them in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Trooper Cards are optional, and from what the developers have hinted at, they can be removed, similar to turning off the blood or numerical damage output that appears in the game.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is less than a week away from release, set to launch February 22 to the Play Station 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.