Logitech G Cloud Handheld announced, is basically a Switch or Steam Deck for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has finally done it.

Image via Xbox

For a long time, Xbox users have wondered if Microsoft would ever get into the handheld gaming market, and now it’s finally happened — kind of. The Logitech G Cloud Handheld isn’t a new console per se, but it is a way to play the Xbox Game Pass library on the go.

Aesthetically, the Cloud Handheld is in line with the Nintendo Switch or Valve Steam Deck, sporting a 12-inch 1080p touch screen between two halves of what could otherwise be an Xbox controller. “Handhelds are a natural next step in our cloud gaming evolution,” Xbox states in its announcement. “It’s great to see a world-class hardware leader like Logitech optimize Xbox Cloud Gaming for their new device.” The Cloud Handheld has a battery life of 12+ hours and built-in Wi-Fi, both of which are crucial for extended gaming sessions.

As for what games you can play on the Cloud Handheld, the answer is in the name: everything an Xbox can pull from the cloud can be played on the portable device. That should pair up perfectly with Game Pass, which offers all first-party Xbox games and select third-party titles like the Xbox port of Deathloop to subscribers on day one. The recently unveiled Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan could also fall into place quite nicely here, letting folks play on a console, PC, and handheld in the same household.

All of this information begs two questions: when is the Logitech G Cloud Handheld releasing, and how much will it cost? The Cloud Handheld will be available from October 17, and preorders are available now on the Microsoft Store. While the final retail price will be $349.99 USD total, you can currently pre-purchase one for $50 off, bringing the cost down to $299.99.

It’s worth pointing out that the Logitech G Cloud Handheld isn’t just limited to Xbox games either; it also supports Nvidia GeForce Now. This isn’t the only handheld device Logitech has been working on either. It announced a partnership with Tencent earlier this year, one that will bring about another gaming device.