Lords of the Fallen’s Launch Trailer is Channeling Some Major Dark Souls Vibes

Hype is hitting new levels as Lords of the Fallen summons Dark Souls energy for an intense launch trailer.

Image via Hexworks

It’s no secret that Hexworks, the developers of Lords of the Fallen, have taken a massive amount of inspiration from FromSoftware’s souls-like genre. Releasing later this week on October 13, Lords of the Fallen will see players explore a grim open world with two connected realms while taking on challenging boss encounters that might make you throw your controller in a fit of rage.

We had the chance to play a few hours of Lords of the Fallen back in August, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for if you’re a Dark Souls fan. While waiting patiently for that time to come, the launch trailer for Lords of the Fallen has been released and shows off what players are in store for.

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Witness Dark and Disturbing World of Lords of the Fallen

Image via Hexworks

In Lords of the Fallen launch trailer, we see a Lampbearer travel to the realm of the dead using the power of the Lantern. This is a core mechanic in the game, where you’ll solve puzzles by traversing two parallel worlds that each have their own challenges. But the longer you stay in this world of the dead, the more challenging the foes that are thrown your way to defeat.

We get a glimpse at some of the environments that can be explored, which visually look fantastic. At one moment, we see what appears to be a giant’s hand protruding out of the ground in the distance – the art direction looks very on point for its source inspiration. It’s also one of the first few titles to be released on Unreal Engine 5 and take advantage of this new technology, so hopefully, we’ll see some exciting things come of this.

Towards the end of the trailer, there is a peek at the combat system along with some of the weapons you can use, including players being able to don their wizard hat and fire off a few spells – if that’s the way you like to deal with enemies. I go with the sword-and-board approach in my Souls games, but those dual swords in this trailer have got me interested. Lastly, we also get a look at some of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen and what types of trouble they’ll probably get you into. During my preview of the game, I got walloped by one of them, and I’m keen to jump back in and seek some revenge.

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Remnant 2 exhibited that people are thirsty for these types of games, and the early impressions of Lords of the Fallen show a lot of promise. It’s a title I’m super excited to jump into and check out. Lords of the Fallen releases this week on October 13 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.