Lost Ark’s next Legion Raid, Vykas, will release on June 30 after a series of delays

The next Legion Raid is finally on the way.

Image via Smilegate RPG

It looks like Lost Ark’s June update will happen in June after all. Vykas is Lost Ark’s next Legion Raid, following Valtan as the next huge challenge in the game. Vykas was set to release sometime in mid-June, but the team was caught up in issues surrounding large bot populations in the game.

Roxx announced the official release date of Vykas in an official post on the game’s forums. Roxx stated the team would create another post intended to release more information about the circumstances surrounding the delay. Ultimately, the post was made to quell players’ concerns that the raid would potentially release sometime in July.

The post also addressed the bot issues that escalated during the month of June. Roxx implied a major reason for the delay was the unprecedented amount of bots in the game, prompting the team to divert their attention to quelling those issues.

“In addition to these incoming changes, the team has also been working toward long-term solutions for the ongoing botting issue. In early June bots seemed to reach a new high in Lost Ark, so it was imperative that we focus on getting this situation under control.”

Players and staff seem to have noticed an improvement in the situation, with Roxx stating:

“While the work isn’t finished yet, recent efforts including last week’s massive ban wave have had a very positive impact in terms of culling bots from Arkesia, and we are continuing to tackle this as a top priority.”

A new post will be made next week to discuss issues surrounding Vykas, the bots, and other concerns of the player base such as “monetization and related systems.” Vykas will officially release on June 30 with the rest of the June update, which will include new instances such as a brand new Guardian Raid and Thronespire dungeon.