Lucio’s Snow Fox skin makes him easy prey by making him visible through walls in Overwatch 2

Man, that’s not right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Overwatch 2, the long-anticipated sequel to the popular FPS Overwatch, has launched to mixed responses. The game features fast-paced and ability-specific gameplay. However, despite the fast-paced gameplay, there’s been a plethora of issues that have clouded the game’s success. While some of the problems have been dealt with, or are in the process of being dealt with, there’s still a myriad of issues popping up.

While wearing his Snow Fox skin, Lucio’s ability to remain hidden around corners and evade enemy tracking is greatly lessened. In a Reddit post by user /uFidgetSpinnetMan, it was reported that Lucio could be seen when hiding behind the wall on the Ilios map. The particle effects of his weapon and skin can be seen as white wisps behind the terrain. Perhaps not the most visible markers, but it’s certainly not normal to see.

While players lament the exclusion of the controversial character Bastion, and Support-role players spend excessive time-fighting Sombra and Genji, the bugs continue to flow, with the beat-bringing Support known for his wall-riding and positive attitude, just the latest victim. While his bug isn’t as game-breaking as Bastion’s Ultimate ability was, there is something to be said for the issue at hand.

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While this isn’t as severe as seeing an entire outline through the wall, it certainly puts you at a disadvantage if you’re trying to avoid being detected and killed. Simple fixes to this involve not wearing the skin; however, it is undoubtedly irksome to not be able to wear a cosmetic simply because it removes your positional advantage or ability to hide.