Madden 21 adds two heavily requested features in final Franchise update

EA makes a few small changes for a more realistic Franchise mode.

Image via EA Sports

When Madden 21 launched last year, many fans were disappointed by how barebones Franchise mode felt. At the time, EA committed to putting out several smaller updates throughout the game cycle, but the bulk of the changes are slated to come to Madden 22. Now, we’ve reached the final Madden 21 Franchise update, which adds two features fans have been asking for since last summer.

The first and easiest to explain is the update to league history. Previously, you could only see the current years stats and awards. This means you could delve into your league’s history and track your progress. Now, the team has finally given players the ability to dig through their franchise history, though if you have a previously created franchise, you won’t be able to retroactively go through old seasons.

The other big update comes to both the draft and trading. EA has done a lot of work to improve their trade logic, which should better value both players and draft picks. This means more realistic trades across the board. On top of that, each team has different ways of valuing prospects and players based on their scheme, current roster, and other factors.

Of course, these updates are still relatively small in the grand scheme of things. However, both parts of this update should lead to a much more realistic-feeling Franchise mode. It also better sets the table for the team to knock it out of the park with Madden 22 later this year.