Mafia Definitive Edition debuts gameplay, “looking at” next-gen

Also, more details about how it’s changed.

When will Mafia Definitive Edition release?

Mafia Definitive Edition‘s debut gameplay has been released earlier than anticipated, and it features around 14 minutes of in-game footage. The video is accompanied by new details about gameplay provided by IGN, covering the Hangar 13 action-adventure exclusively.

While the developer didn’t find “giant” plot holes, it worked, as mentioned by the president and CCO Haden Blackman, on bringing the narrative up to modern standards and making fixes every now and then, even in the way missions are designed.

One of the changes we learn about is that Tommy Angelo’s wife Sarah will now have more than one scene where we can see her. We had already been informed about Angelo being played by a brand new actor, so you might not instantly recognize him when on-screen in the debut gameplay.

There’s a new driving model which will make limits and police behavior less aggressive, even though the original is still there for players willing to play it as it was back in the days.

The streets themselves are also wider, and Lost Heaven has been provided with more visible waypoints and expanded areas.

Blackman revealed that the game is built on the Mafia III engine, even though it received multiple improvements such as a new lighting model and environmental audio.

The studio is also “looking at” next-gen consoles releases, even though it couldn’t provide more details about the chances of a port of sorts.

Mafia Definitive Edition is releasing on September 25, priced $39,99 or part of the Mafia Trilogy, including Mafia II‘s remaster and a GOTY edition of Mafia III.