Mario Golf: Super Rush shoots for June release on Nintendo Switch

Mario returns to the green with a sense of urgency.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has announced Mario Golf: Super Rush as the next Mario sports spin-off headed to Switch. Launching in the summer, this next installment will offer a story mode, never-before-seen mechanics, and even a touch of racing elements.

Releasing on June 25, Super Rush will feature a hefty amount of characters from the Mario universe and an RPG-style story mode that will star a user-created Mii. During this campaign, players will need to beat out opponents around Mushroom Kingdom for points that can be allocated to boost various stats.

The latest golf installment will also be the first to include motion controls, as any joy-con can be lightly swung like a club. Button controls will revolve around a shot gauge similar to 2014’s Mario Golf: World Tour, though tools like a scanner and overhead camera can measure out shots, too.

The Super Rush subheader spotlights its new Speed Golf game mode — a feature that tees each player off at the same time to see who finishes each hole first. However, each golfer can collect and use power-ups and coins to aid in their pace of play.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is now up for pre-order in stores and digitally on the Nintendo eShop.