Marvel’s Avengers v1.4.0 update – patch notes

Kate Bishop is here with a bunch of changes.

Kate Bishop Marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

It’s been a long and difficult road for Marvel’s Avengers, but the struggling online game from Square Enix finally has a large content drop to show for. Kate Bishop, the ward and successor of Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye, is the first post-launch playable hero in the game.

With Kate Bishop comes a new mission chain and a number of fixes and improvements to the game as a whole. Her ability set includes teleportation, decoys, and a number of arrow attacks.

Square Enix is likely banking on updates such as this latest one for Marvel’s Avengers to revitalize the playerbase before its eventual release on next-gen consoles.

New Features   

  • New Hero: Kate Bishop (No additional cost) – Please see our “Everything You Need To Know About Kate Bishop” blog for more information on how to unlock Kate along with an explanation on her abilities.  
  • New Operation: Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking Aim (No additional cost).  
  • Please Note: Hero Operations introduced with Kate Bishop: Taking Aim do not support random matchmaking. However, players can still invite their friends to play the Operation in co-op mode by doing so in an outpost or the Quinjet.  
  • New Cosmetics: Kate Bishop Challenge Card.  
  • Ability to enable and disable Takedowns.  
  • High Contrast Mode: Available in the settings menu!    

Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative

  • Fixed a rare issue where the cinematic would freeze during the transition from Hulk to Captain America on The Light that Failed.  
  • Fixed an issue where some missions would sometimes point to multiple regions on the War Table.  
  • Fixed an issue where Alisande Morales would be missing from Substation Zero.  
  • Fixed an issue where Kamala Khan would fall during the Hulk chase sequence in The Road Back.  
  • Fixed an issue where during the game finale, companions would not attempt to revive a fallen Captain America.  
  • Fixed an issue where companions were left behind after players loaded into the match against Taskmaster.  
  • Fixed an issue that would cause companions to get locked behind doors.  
  • The second wave of drones now properly enters the room in House Call.  
  • Fixed an issue where Captain America would not speak in end cinematic of Global Presence.  
  • Mistaken Identity – Morales now plays correct VO when returning to outpost.
  • Fixed a rare issue on Finding Olympia where Hulk jumps up and stands above Abomination, preventing him from fighting Abomination, and blocking progress.  
  • Fixed an issue where switching Profile from the Main Menu to an account without a save prevents a new Campaign from progressing through A-Day.  
  • Fixed an issue where the user could crash upon repeatedly selecting faction missions.  
  • Fixed a rare issue where some users could not interact with their War Table.  
  • Fixed an issue where Hulk as a companion would sometimes be missing when in a Warzone.  
  • Fixed multiple instances of characters becoming stuck in the terrain.  
  • Fixed multiple instances of players, companions and NPCs going out of world.  
  • Addressed various crash and black screen issues.    

Art and Animation

  • Fixed Thor’s “Unworthy outfit” incorrectly featuring his long hair.   

Multiplayer and Matchmaking

  • Fixed an issue where in Tachyon Rift: Along Came a Spider, the mission failed for remaining players if the host would change after completing the first objective.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Tachyon Rift timer sometimes reappeared in the Quinjet.  
  • Fixed an issue in Rocket’s Red Glare where Kamala’s hits on yellow targets before entering the elevator didn’t always register.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Tachyon: Breakout mission showed more than one region pinpointed on the War Table.  
  • Fixed an issue where issues would arise with AI companions in elevators when the host would change.  
  • Fixed a rare issue that would result in a prolonged black screen following a mission’s completion.  
  • Fixed an issue where players are sometimes facing the wrong direction upon checkpoint reload.  
  • Fixed a rare multiplayer issue where after reloading a checkpoint, previously opened/smashed doors would appear closed.  
  • Fixed an issue where a former host is unable to matchmake again with a Strike Team they just left if the Strike Team was formed via invites/joining.  
  • Player matchmaking no longer breaks for group members when the host player closes the game after failing a mission.  
  • Multiplayer stability improvements.    

User Interface

  • MODOK codex entry now properly unlocks when players defeat him.  
  • Codex “Manhattan Evacuation Zone” can now be acquired when completing Mayhem Over Manhattan.  
  • Fixed an issue where icons to smash walls/doors would sometimes not show up.  
  • Fixed various High Contrast Mode UI issues.  
  • Removed the ability to ping while in flight to avoid erroneous marker placements.  
  • Marketplace items in the locked section let you purchase them from that screen without having to go to the marketplace.  
  • Updated the visual messaging of the act of upgrading and dismantling an item to help reduce mistakes and broadcast what action is happening.  
  • Stronger visual messaging about the Operation mission icons on the war table and in UI elements (its pulses).  
  • Various text and subtitle fixes.  
  • Fixed various language and localization text/issues.    

Gear, Challenges, and Rewards

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when swapping gear at the War Table.  
  • Fixed issue where loot rewards were inconsistent with required Power Level required for the mission.   
  • Threat Sector loot tables have better rewards at higher Power Level.  
  • Hives give more focused rewards and can include named sets of Epic Gear.   
  • Minor adjustments to existing challenge completion amounts.    

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Potential crash during Quinjet loading on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles after playing repeated missions as Kate Bishop. We are already working on a fix to be implemented in the near future.  
  • Attempting to purchase Kate’s Challenge Card without the necessary Credits brings up an error message. Players will need to click on the Credit icon to purchase the Credits they need.  
  • Choosing to directly do Kate’s Operation rather than starting it from Avengers Initiative puts players in a state where they cannot interact with vendors aboard the helicarrier. This can be fixed by launching Avengers Initiative after completing Kate’s HARM Training.