Master Chief and other Halo-themed skins coming to Fall Guys


Screenshot via Mediatonic and Microsoft

Fall Guys is teaming up with Microsoft to bring the world of Halo to the Fall Guys Universe. A new trailer called the Spartan Showdown was released during the Xbox Games Extended Showcase 2022, which is part of Summer Game Fest 2022. The Spartan Showdown reveals that brand new skins based on Halo are coming to Fall Guys and will be available between June 30 and July 4. The new skins shown are Master Chief’s armor, a Brute armor, a Grunt costume, and a purple Spartan Helmet.

Spartan Showdown trailer is a parody of the iconic Halo 3 trailer “Believe,” which has the camera wandering around a devastated battleground that has been frozen in time. Master Chief is being lifted by an enemy Brute, but “Believe” ends with the visor on Chief’s head lighting up and the Spartan looking up at the camera.

Spartan Showdown likewise also features a camera zooming around a game of Fall Guys that is frozen in time. Many jellybean men are trying to get their hands on the coveted crown, with some of them not being able to stay frozen. Several Jellybeans are shown with brand new Halo outfits, including the brand new Master Chief skin. The Spartan Showdown trailer ends similar to “Believe,” with the Master Chief Jellybean looking up at the crown, his eyes visible, but then he tumbles down.

Fall Guys is setting up its new Free for All season, which will begin on June 21. This new season will be available for all copies of the game, including versions for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Game Store. Fans can pre-register for Free for All and receive bonuses like 3,500 Kudos currencies, a Keen Bean Nameplate, the Burgers pattern, the Muscleman Emote, and the Melonhead costume. Players will need to pre-register the game before June 20 to be eligible for the unlockable rewards.