Metal Gear Survive Hides An Unexpected Tribute To Series Creator Kojima – “KJP Forever”

MGS HD Collection PS VITA screen 7

Metal Gear Survive has been out for a few days now, and people are discovering new stuff from the game as they play through it. Among this stuff, there’s interestingly something the development team had to say about the recent past of the series.

According to a screenshot coming from the Metal Gear Survive, indeed, it looks like the new development team wanted to pay a homage to the original Kojima Productions squad behind the making of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (and all the previous entries in the series).

Metal Gear Survive: The Phantom Pain Easter Egg

In the first cut-scene, the only one which is long and cinematic enough to be even included in the main The Phantom Pain, at a certain point a list with few names of soldiers appears on the screen.

Summing the first letter from all the surnames in the list, NeoGaf users have discovered, you can have a quick message that says “KJP Forever”, seemingly Kojima Productions Forever, a sort of celebration of the glorious past of the franchise and of his creator, Hideo Kojima.

The message is apparently signed in the latter half of the list by game director and planner “Bastard Yota” Tsutsumizaki and producer “Cunning Yuji” Korekado, who – differently from one could guess by just looking at their names in the credits – still love Hideo Kojima and look like they support him in the dispute with Konami.

Of course, the interpretation of the message is sort of up in the air, but it seems like it’s too deliberate to be just coincidental. We’ll see how the team will react, and what Konami thinks of it, as soon as someone of them comes up and comments the discovery (which could well be never).

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