The 10 best mods for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2020)

Best mods available on the internet for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The Lizard Squad

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an open world action-adventure stealth video game developed by Kojima Productions, with a ton of content for you to go through. However, as is the case with any game no matter how big it is, at some point you are going to run out of things you haven’t done.

With that in mind, we have sorted through the most downloaded mods for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for you. As with other communities surrounding PC games, the following list of mods will give you access to a wide variety of content that could not be acquired through normal means. Here are the best Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain mods.

Snakebite Mod Manager

Let’s start out with a mod focused on making your experience much easier to handle, especially for those new to mod management. Snakebite Mod Manager is a place to play with your custom mods in Phantom Pain without having to worry about making sure which file is situated where. Install or uninstall everything from one place or even use it to create your own mods. Launch the game, modify the current mods or fiddle with your creativity to create something unique.

Infinite Heaven

Infinite Heaven extends your gameplay with Phantom Pain through various customizations and features that can be toggled at any time. The mod allows you to replay side-missions, perform skull attacks in free roam, take part in Mother Base Invasions with multiple attack helicopters, and more all brought to you through a simple UI.

S Plus Soldier Mod

In the vanilla version of Phantom Pain, there is a limit to the soldiers you can capture and add to your Mother Base. With this mod, you can start gathering S+ and S++ without doing FOBs, in turn helping you quickly level your base.

Multi Quiet Player Mod v2.3

The Multi Quiet Player Mod supports gives you the opportunity to play the game as Quiet with voice and character ability support. You can also use a female recruit or Snake. For Snake, you can use outfits like the Battle Dress, Sneaking Suit, and more. Read the installation instructions on the download page properly before installing this mod.

The Man Who Sold The World

Who doesn’t love the classic Snake look? With this mod, you can play as the original Big Boss, complete with two different arm options to replace the bionic arm in the normal game. You can also customize your look with a mullet, bandana, ponytail, or various costume items.

No More Timers

This is a simple mod to get rid of the time requirement in various activities of Phantom Pain. Included items affected are researching equipment, building base platforms, and deployment.

Return of the Item Unlocker

The mod unlocks all the items in the game, but unfortunately does not include items in DLC. Another simple mod, useful for saving you time and giving you resources to experience the game the way you want without running through the campaign with specific criteria met.

Unlock All Outfits

As opposed to the previous mod which unlocks all items, this mod focuses on unlocking only costumes without having to go through with meeting the normal criteria for them. This is good for people who want to go through the standard unlocking process, but want the unique skins before you feel you are done with the game.

Infinite Ammo and Suppressors V1.12

For a more relaxed approach to Phantom Pain, you can get unlimited ammo, suppressors, and grenades with this mod. It also provides an added layer of customization by letting you choose the values of ammo/equipment to a specific number.

The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

The Ultimate Phantom Pain lives up to its name by providing many aspects to the game to enhance your gameplay. A new game plus mode, the ability to skip helicopter rides, hardcore enemies, custom weather, and many other customization options easily earn this mod a spot on this list.