Microsoft is testing 1080p streaming capabilities for xCloud

Hopefully, we can see it in action sometime soon.

Image via Xbox

Xbox is planning to transition its Xbox cloud streaming servers from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X architecture. With the boost in power, it sounds like Microsoft will be able to boost the resolution when streaming games via xCloud.

Windows Central received some screenshots from some sources that show the development overlay displaying network connectivity and resolution information. Before, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and other games streamed via xCloud were maxed out at 720p. Now, it appears Microsoft is testing 1080p streams.

While Stadia has largely flown under the radar to mainstream consumers, 1080p is the standard resolution for the baseline tier. Xbox Game Pass might be the better deal, though it still needs to catch up to the competition in terms of resolution.

Upgrading to the Xbox Series X architecture for xCloud servers will be another great addition to the Xbox Game Pass model. Having better-looking experiences on the go as well as reducing latency can only strengthen the xCloud service. Ask many consumers and they will likely say that Xbox Game Pass is the best deal in video games right now.

If you are unaware, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also have access to xCloud on Android devices. Support for iOS devices is coming soon and will have to function through a browser application due to Apple’s App Store policies. PC support is also coming at a later date.