Xbox Series X reportedly coming to xCloud in 2021

The streaming service is also joining Xbox Game Pass.

Next-Gen Won't Be a "Head-to-Head Bout" Between Xbox Series X and PS5, Says Microsoft

The Verge’s Tom Warren has revealed that Xbox Series X will be coming to Project xCloud blades in 2021. Project xCloud is currently in public preview and aims at a 2020 release, but it seems it will stick to Xbox One S hardware at least for another year.

Warren claims that “at launch, Project xCloud will be powered primarily by existing Xbox One S blades,” leaving the door open to at least certain blades to run on new hardware a little earlier.

This means that for around one-year gamers willing to play in streaming will get the current-gen version of their titles, such asĀ Halo Infinite, which is launchingĀ during the Holiday season.

That’s a further confirmation that Microsoft has a console-first strategy for the future, as it is entirely focusing on Xbox Series X launch in 2020 and perhaps doesn’t want its next-gen value to feel less powerful with the cloud alternative.

Also, xCloud is said to be integrated to Xbox Game Pass “later this year,” which should lead to a new subscription tier in the vein of Ultimate or an addition to the existing Ultimate plan.

With the selection of titles currently available on Xbox Game Pass, it’ll surely add much value to have them available on the go thanks to the Android support.

It is not clear at which point Microsoft will be bringing Project xCloud on Windows 10 PC, but that has been confirmed to be part of the plan going forward.