Minecraft Pringles Introduces Suspicious Stew Flavor Ahead of Legends Launch

Have you ever wanted to try the Suspicious Stew from Minecraft? Now’s your chance.

Image via Mojang Studios

For Minecraft players who have been eagerly awaiting to try and find what the in-game meals might taste like, Kellogg’s has you covered. They’ve unveiled their latest Pringles flavor, Suspicious Stew, a food item that Minecraft players can use to cause positive and sometimes harmful effects.

The recent promotion was announced by Kellogg’s ahead of the upcoming Minecraft Legends release set to come out on April 18, 2023. This unpredictable partnership will only offer this flavor for a limited time.

Suspicious Stew Flavor from Minecraft Comes to Life with Pringles

Image via Kellogg’s

The announcement was shared in a press release from Kellogg’s, which described the flavor as, “a burst of rich, hearty, and savory flavors.” The particular food might not be for every fan, but it’s a unique choice to bring over to the real world for anyone keen to try a food featured in Minecraft.

Although this particular item is featured in Minecraft, there is a current way to earn 350 Minecoins by purchasing specific Kellogg’s items. Minecoins are the premium currency used in Minecraft that players can use to buy skins, texture packs, maps, or special content created by the Minecraft community. To qualify, any Kellogg’s item must be purchased between March 27, 2023, to July 31, 2023. Anyone interested in participating in this will need to head over to Kellogg’s Promotion website to receive this currency. It can be redeemed up to three times.

The Suspicious Stew Pringles box will be available throughout the United States for a limited time. Not every store will likely have them in stock, unfortunately.

The Suspicious Stew product primarily focuses on Minecraft as a whole, but it was announced shortly before the arrival of Minecraft Legends. As a result, the game is drastically different than traditional Minecraft and focuses more on the action-strategy aspect of the game, where players will need to work together to defend against the invasive Piglin threat.