Minecraft to launch on Game Pass PC with both Bedrock and Java editions

It’s coming soon.

Image via Microsoft

Today’s Minecraft Live event unveiled a host of news surrounding Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. This includes the announcement of both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. On November 2, PC owners will have access to Minecraft: PC Bundle.

That’s right. Rather than listing them as separate entities on the Game Pass store, they’re bundled together under the same launcher. This bundle lets players seamlessly switch between either edition of Minecraft from within the game.

This is a big deal because the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft are different experiences. While they share the same core gameplay, Mojang has experimented by branching the Java and Bedrock iterations of the game into different forks. This means Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock have received different patches. Minecraft Bedrock, for example, uses an older version of Java’s combat system whereas Java’s combat has been updated past this point.

Other differences between the versions include more user-friendly mod support on the Java edition. While Bedrock has the marketplace, requiring users to spend Minecoins on officially certified content, Minecraft Java’s extra content comes in the form of free user-made mods without any of Minecraft Bedrock’s restrictions.