MLB The Show 23 players are not happy after latest Road to the Show-themed dev stream

Here’s the latest on MLB The Show 23 and Road to the Show.

Image via Sony San Diego YouTube

With just a few weeks before the official release of MLB The Show 23, Sony San Diego has started to steadily release information regarding new features in the game. However, much attention over the last day among the MLB The Show community has been in regard to a lack of new features in one of the franchise’s signature game modes, Road to the Show.

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On March 2, Sony San Diego held its latest Feature Premiere dev stream for MLB The Show 23. The focus on the stream was on Road to the Show — MLB The Show’s player career mode — and a new face scan feature that will be available when the game launches at the end of March.

The 15-minute stream highlighted tweaks to dynamic challenges, an updated UI for the customization process, and new cutscenes that will feature MLB Network personalities Robert Flores, Carlos Pena, and Jake Peavy — the latter two, by the way, will be playable legends in The Show 23.

That, however, was about it. And, the abbreviated stream and the lack of new advertised features weren’t received particularly well by players and content creators on social media.

We don’t know exactly how Road to the Show, in full, will look until the game is officially released. However, a lack of new features in Road to the Show does highlight a shift in recent years made by developers, in terms of devoted resources. Quite a few sports games in recent years have opted to keep the status quo in career modes for years, in favor of new features for online play and CCG-themed modes.

MLB The Show 23 will be released on March 28 for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch. Those who order the Collector’s Edition of the game will receive four days of early access beginning on March 24.