Modern Warfare 2 disables the ping system after players discover wallhack bug

You don’t need wallhacks to get good.

Image via Activision

The release of Modern Warfare 2 has mostly been met with praise as many have been quick to commend the sequel’s improvements over its predecessor. But with the latest entry only being released recently, it is still susceptible to plenty of exploitable defects and glitches that may have been unintentionally overlooked during the Quality Control process. The latest example of this is the wallhack bug that a large number of players have been experiencing while playing through various competitive modes.

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A wallhack is simply a cheat that allows particular players to see other users through walls, thereby giving them the huge advantage of knowing where anyone is at all times. How the recently discovered bug works in Modern Warfare 2 is through the use of the in-game ping feature, which is typically utilized for notifying your teammates of specific points of interests on the map.

The only problem with the current state of this element is that if a player dies and they ping another player during the death screen, the mark that was placed on the opposition lasts for the entire game. Many users have collectively lodged similar complaints on Reddit due to the unfair edge that this gives to the competition.

Because of the huge backlash from the community, this has led to the ping feature being disabled temporarily until developers Infinity Ward can find a way to counteract this standard facet of the game from being exploited. Both Infinity Ward and publisher Activision are yet to release a statement regarding the defect, but based on its quick, albeit temporary, removal from the game, players should rest assured that this minor mishap for a major element of the game will soon be a thing of the past.