Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a “massive expansion” coming out in summer 2022

Prepare to hunt some more next year.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Starting off the Nintendo Direct was Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a new expansion following the success of the multi-million seller from earlier this year. This self-proclaimed “massive expansion” will be releasing sometime in summer 2022.

Releasing simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch and PC systems, this adventure will continue the story of Monster Hunter Rise with new monsters to slay and new locales to explore. Capcom also teases that there will be new gameplay elements for the initial title, hopefully making the game even more dynamic than it already is. It will also new quest ranks for those who are dedicated to the excellent Monster Hunter Rise.

From the trailer, we can expect a darker, more eerie setting as a new gigantic dragon is lingering around the land. Capcom has said in a press release that “more on this new monster and other exciting new gameplay details in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be shared soon.” Right now, we don’t have much to go off.

The Monster Hunter series has a history of great expansions. For example, Monster Hunter World has a critically acclaimed expansion called Iceborne, which included over 30 new beasts to slay, more than doubled the base game’s story assignments, and introduced new locales like Hoarfrost Reach. It included a lot of content, and we expect Sunbreak will be the same. Expect a lot of dragons if the reveal trailer is to be believed. It will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and PC systems next summer.