NBA 2K21 current-gen patch 1.06 – Full patch notes

2K Beach is getting a holiday-themed makeover.

On December 1, NBA 2K21 launched a new title update for users on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia. This new patch gets 2K21 ready for Christmas, as 2K Beach is now filled with seasonal decorations and holiday-themed courts. And as far as gameplay goes, there were not many tweaks to the title. However, one major changes comes to MyCareer, as the Limitless free throw drill that is in MyCourt is now set to the 2K default camera setting.

This patch is available as of this writing for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Patch 1.06 is 22 GB for the PlayStation 4, and 24 GB for the Xbox One. PC, Switch, and Stadia users will receive this update at a later date.


  • Winter holiday has arrived at 2K Beach with new seasonal decorations and themed courts now available.


  • MyCOURT’s Limitless free throw drill is now set to use the 2K camera setting.


  • Added Online VS, the difficulty used in MyTEAM Unlimited & Limited, to Play With Friends games.