NBA 2K22 will feature new gameplay animations, new City layout, and addition of mode-focused Seasons

A lot will be expected of NBA 2K22.

Screenshot from Take-Two

Last week, Take-Two officially announced first details for NBA 2K22. The NBA 2K team confirmed that Mavericks star Luka Doncic would be on the cover of the game, as well as other details, including a September 10 release date and a cross-gen bundle that would allow PlayStation and Xbox owners to own both old and next-gen versions of the game. Six days later, the NBA 2K devs released the first feature-focused Courtside Report for NBA 2K22, giving players an indication of what’s new in this year’s game.

This year, gameplay will be getting a bit more tuned. In 2020, the shooting system was revamped, with the intention of making the mechanics more skill-based. The devs are continuing in that direction for 2021, as NBA 2K22 will feature new signature moves, dunks in traffic, and alley-oops that will be more skill-based as compared to prior games. Defensively, NBA 2K22 will have a brand new shot contest and blocking system.

The City will also be getting an upgrade in 2021, as NBA 2K’s semi-open world mode will be integrated with MyCareer in ways that we haven’t seen before. The City, which will be available for next-gen copies of NBA 2K22, will have a brand new layout, a new Quest system, and matchmaking buildings that will allow players to get into action quickly. And as for MyCareer, this year’s game will not only allow users to build their brand off the court, but in addition, increases to profiles and ambitions in that mode will carry over into The City.

Other notable additions include MyTeam drafts, side venture opportunities in MyCareer, and the incorporation of Seasons. Seasons, which will be available for MyCareer, MyTeam, and The W, will allow users to unlock new rewards and prizes for MyPlayer avatars.

More details are expected to be unveiled in August and September.