The 10 best sports games on Nintendo Switch, ranked

What to play without a Madden or MLB The Show in sight.

Image via Camelot Software Planning

Look back at Nintendo’s history of supporting sports titles and you will likely come to the conclusion that the genre is becoming neglected by the tech giant. A decade ago, the Wii had a claustrophobic space of endless licensed sports games. However, the opposite has happened on the Switch, with the sports landscape being a desolate wasteland of broken dreams and $0.99 indie knockoffs. Even so, there are a few that may be worth looking into. Here are our picks for the 10 best sports games on the Nintendo Switch.

10. RBI Baseball 20

Image via MLB Advanced Media

Although MLB: The Show will eventually make its way to Nintendo Switch, RBI Baseball 20 is the perfect fit for the platform. Even though it’s not a simulator, it maintains accurate player names and stats. The series has also boosted its animations and eliminated many game-breaking bugs from past games, making for a smooth, relaxing playthrough. In addition, unlike The Show, you can change the number of innings you play each game. As a result, it’s a great little time killer for when you’re on the go.

9. FIFA 18-20

Image via EA

We won’t put an exact year on this one as each new title on the Switch only brings a roster update. If that continues, it may have to be brushed off the list. On the platform, its graphics are comparable to the PS3’s older iterations, but with current-gen modes. It sounds horrific, and to some, it may be. However, being able to bring FIFA’s Career Mode anywhere is too hard to pass up, even if you’re scoring goals with poorly designed character models.

8. AO Tennis 2

Image via Big Ant Studios

AO Tennis 2 is in the same boat as FIFA, one named: “At least we made it on here, right?” Like FIFA, it’s reminiscent of an early 2010’s sports game, with iffy facial designs, bland commentary, but fluid gameplay. On that note, it certainly has the most accurate portrayals of player movement than any other on the Switch. It also offers doubles matches and online play for those who are truly wanting a hardcore tennis simulator.

7. Mutant Football League

Image via Digital Dreams Entertainment

We didn’t think we were ever going to say this, but Mutant Football League does an excellent job of filling the Madden vacancy. Although it’s not an NFL licensed game, team and player names rhyme with real-life counterparts, so enjoy playing with the likes of Bomb Shady (or Tom Brady). Aside from the realism, the Mutant part is what finally births originally into a football game. It’s a bloody game including shotguns and zombies, but as long as it has a pigskin, we’re not complaining.

6. Golf Story

Image via Sidebar Games

It’s barely a golf game, but it’s a great game. From its leveling system to its entertaining main and side quests, Golf Story is more of a fantastically written RPG, with 2D golf being the side dish. The gameplay relies on a three-click system that results in fast but heavily engaging matches.

5. PGA Tour 2K21

Image via HB Studios

It’s been almost a decade since a PGA title landed on a Nintendo console, and PGA Tour 2K21 is a welcomed return. However, with HB Studios at the helm, it emphasizes the fact that it wants to be the most realistic golfing sim to date. This can be a turn-off for casual players, as there are many more elements (like weather, club type, and ball spin) you’ll need to account for with each shot.

4. Mario Tennis Aces

Image via Camelot Software Planning

Aces is surely the best Tennis game on Nintendo Switch. Like any Mario sports romp, there’s a collection of characters to choose from and a handful of abilities for you to use on the court. There is an Adventure Mode that will keep you entertained for about 10 hours, but the real fun is inside the game’s online component. As you upgrade rackets and slowly learn the ropes, raising your player rank is a massive treat.

3. Rocket League

Chances are, you’ve heard of this strange “soc-car” game, but have always seen a price tag alongside it. Well, as of September 23, 2020, Rocket League is free-to-play and becomes a must-have for all Switch owners. Online may not be your first move, as its chaotically competitive. But without spending a cent, you have full access to massive amounts of online and offline content that always seems to grow by the month.

2. Super Mega Baseball 3

Image via Metalhead Software Inc.

The Super Mega Baseball franchise is mostly for those jaded by past installments of RBI Baseball. It isn’t licensed, but the arcade game does have an unimaginable level of customization for everything within – from jerseys to players to even stadiums. On top of that, players can also format each mode, being able to change how many games you play and how the championship is won. However, its genius art style and personality is what defines it as the best baseball game on the platform.

1. NBA 2K21

Image via 2K Games

Take note, lackluster sports ports. Unlike the FIFA franchise, the NBA 2K series thrives on Switch as much as it does anywhere else. This is due to 2K’s unwillingness to cut corners and content on this weaker console. All modes from other editions still find their way onto the Switch and expect each to give you at least 50 hours of gameplay. On top of that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best-looking sports games to choose from.