New Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer introduces who you’ll be killing on Europa

Ice cold fun.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be arriving on November 10, so Bungie has released a new story trailer to get us all in the mood to wander through the snows of Europa on the hunt for something new to kill.

Eramis, the Kell of Darkness will be our priority target. After being abandoned by the Traveler, Eramis has forged a new society of Eliksni, shedding the past to try and grasp the future with a powerful grip. Eramis is no normal Kell, having turned to the Darkness and embraced the power of Stasis.

Backing her up will be four lieutenants that we will almost certainly need to get through to get a shot at the Kell. Atraks, Kridis, Phylaks, Praksis are her highest-ranking and most trusted subjects, and they too are skilled Stasis wielders.

In good news for long term fans of the game, Variks returns. He has been in hiding since helping Uldren Sov escape the Prison of Elders, but he cannot ignore the substantial threat that Eramis poses to the rest of the Fallen. Those who will not join her are crushed by her, and Variks places too much value in the old ways to stand by while it happens.

The Exo Stranger also returns, who has not been seen in the game since the original Destiny. Her knowledge of many futures will prove useful, and it is she who will guide you on your journey to understanding the Stasis. Eris Morn will also be hanging around, being all sad and spooky. She cannot resist the lure of Stasis, being infused so deeply with the Darkness already.

Finally, the Drifter, he who gives off uneasy vibes, will also be lurking around, doing Drifter things. We still don’t know what to make of him, and it’s hard to know which side he will come down on. If ever a man was going to place a late bet on an obvious winner, it is the Drifter.

The above trailer is packed with cool visuals, big booming noises, and general fun because Bungies know how to make one hell of a trailer. It does what it is supposed to do, as we are now extremely excited to get stuck into all the new Destiny 2 content on November 10. Well played, Bungie.