New Digimon Survive footage reveals new conversation mechanic

You can even befriend enemy Digimon during battle.

Image via Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has released new footage for the highly anticipated Digimon Survive video game coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The footage shows more animated cutscenes, a glimpse at the world map, how combat works, and further elaborates on the conversation mechanic. Digimon Survive is part visual novel and part strategy RPG, which means conversations and decision-making will have a huge impact on players’ playthroughs.

It’s already been established that players can talk to allies and NPCs, and give them an answer from a grid of options. Players’ choices will determine their karma, affinity, and also digivolutions. It’s established within the lore that Digimon’s digivolutions are determined by what kind of bond a Digimon has with their partner. If a Digimon’s bond with their partner is corrupted in any way, then there’s a chance a Digimon will Digivolve into something dark and out of control. It’s best for players in Digimon Survive to keep their bond with their Digimon as pure as they can.

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The new footage reveals that the conversation mechanic also extends to enemy Digimon, and players will even be able to hold conversations during the middle of battle. If players make the right choices, they can convince an enemy Digimon to join their side. During the battle, players can also converse with their allies, which could lead to stat boosts for the allies’ Digimon. Certain choices in conversations will not be available to players depending on their previous decisions and karma.

The main combat of Survive is similar to the Fire Emblem games. Players take control of a group of Digimon and move them along a grid-like map. The amount spaces a Digimon could move is limited, but if they are close enough to an enemy, they can strike. The amount of damage given to an enemy is determined by where the player strikes it. For example, if a Digimon strikes an enemy from behind, it will deal a lot more damage to it than if it strikes it head-on. There will be equipment and training items in Survive that will help buff up players’ Digimon. Digimon Survive is set to launch worldwide on July 29.

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