New Evil Genius 2 trailer highlights the game’s four unique, playable villains

Decide which villain you’ll play as first.


Image via Rebellion

Rebellion has released a brand new trailer for Evil Genius 2 detailing the four villains that players can choose from when the game launches on March 30. Each villain has its own focuses, traits, likes, and dislikes, meaning that the campaign can be drastically different depending on which one you pick.

The brutal dictator with a robot arm is Red Ivan. He enjoys rockets and collateral damage and hates any sort of compassion or caution. This villain is the one to pick for a focus on muscle, dominating the world through sheer force and many rockets.

For those who prefer a stealthier approach, Emma, the ex-spy master, is perfect. She hates the entire world but holds one person in particular above the rest of the human population as her mortal enemy, John Steele. Perhaps foreshadowing how her campaign plays out, she loves revenge and being sneaky and shady about everything. Her main focus is deception, so she’ll be perfect for players who want to take over the world before anyone realizes they have.

Zalika is the high-tech scientist villain who has no time for fools or anyone less intelligent than her. Her passion is science and its advancement through technology, which is why her focus is on using science to conquer the world. Anyone who enjoys the research angle of strategy games will find that Zalika is the villain for them.

Finally, there’s Maximillian. He loves owning things and gold and greatly dislikes not owning everything in the world, particularly all its gold. This villain has no particular focus, making him a great starting point for anyone new to Evil Genius 2. Be prepared to steal a lot of gold and turn anyone who defies you into a golden statue as well.