New Forspoken trailer shows off dragons, harpies, new weapons and more

The trailer shows off new enemies, abilities, and the game world.

Image via Square Enix

During the State of Play livestream event on March 9, Sony gave fans a brand new look at Forspoken. The title was delayed to October earlier this week. Still, the trailer makes it look almost as polished as Horizon Forbidden West, indicating that the final product could be even better.

In this new trailer, fans were treated to a look at the game’s world, some of the protagonist’s powers, and many enemies. Some of the highlights from the video include a giant bear with an exposed skull and a colossal dragon that gets hit repeatedly with painful blasts of magical energy.

Of course, the protagonist is just as impressive, with ranged attacks combined with close-quarters melee abilities to make short work of any enemy’s health bar. She seems just as sure of herself in this trailer as she has been in any other, showing that the strong character at the center of this story will evolve into a confident warrior after getting to grips with her powers.

Finally, one segment of the trailer showed a frozen or electrified hoverboard. More traversal options are also explored, such as a whip that can be used to leap off of anchor points and soar through the air. Other powers show that it will also be possible to summon massive explosions and stun groups of enemies.

Every part of the trailer appeared to be running in-engine rather than a cutscene. These pieces of the game look solid, and the protagonist looks just as realistic as Aloy in any picture taken in photo mode in Horizon Forbidden West.