When is the release date of Forspoken?

When can you hop into Square Enix’s next gorgeous world?


Image via Square Enix

Forspoken is an upcoming game from the team at Luminous Productions, which is a part of Square Enix. The game was originally announced at Square Enix’s spring digital event in early 2021. At Sony’s September 2021 PlayStation Showcase, we finally got a release alongside some more trailers. However, that date has now been pushed back.

Luminous Productions’ latest was met with a delay at the March 2022 State of Play. Now, the game is set to come to PlayStation 5 and PC on October 11. This slight delay should give the team more time to get everything in tip-top shape for launch.

For the first two years, the game will be console exclusive to the PS5. While details about the plot are still relatively light, we do know that Rogue One co-writer and former games journalist Gary Whitta is heading up the game’s writing department. In the short trailers we’ve seen thus far, we’ve seen the protagonist Frey Holland dashing around the world of Athia, using her magical abilities to stay alive.

Speaking of those magical abilities, Forspoken director Takeshi Aramaki has said the gameplay will be focused on speed and fluidity. Those abilities help the devs hit that goal by allowing the player to quickly move throughout the environment in ways that wouldn’t be possible for normal humans.