New Genshin Impact developer discussion for Version 2.2 reveals upcoming quality-of-life changes

The game is improving it’s quality-of-life.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact is always getting some quality-of-life upgrades as the game progresses, and the developers are discussing upcoming changes coming to Version 2.2 and beyond. Players who joined Genshin Impact late may have missed some exclusive event content, such as gadgets from the Mondstadt Windblume Festival. Fortunately, in Version 2.2, travelers will be able to purchase some of that event-limited content including the Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon, Windsong Lyre, and Wind-Blessed Harpastum with Mora.

Hangout events are also getting optimized ahead of Thoma and Sayu’s upcoming hangouts. Previously chosen options are now saved in repeat playthroughs to make getting different endings quicker.

MiHoYo is also patching out an exploit where the duration and cooldowns of opponents’ skills would not stop after the game was paused. This led to glitches such as the Primo Geovishap executing its “Primordial Shower” move multiple times in a short period. Inazuma transport commissions are being made quicker as well.

There are other planned changes that we won’t see until beyond Version 2.2. Interior furnishings will be available in the future that display hangout memories. Furniture that can play music from throughout the game is also being considered. Additionally, miHoYo will optimize the display of enemy information in the Spiral Abyss, allowing you to see which enemies are present during the character select screen.

Other minor changes in Version 2.2 include optimizations of certain features and graphical updates. PS5 controllers will now be supported on PC, and Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill will have reduced lighting.

You can check out the full developer discussion here for more info.