New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Trailer confirms release date, new monsters, and more

The expansion is coming sooner than you might think.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

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Capcom’s latest digital event for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has detailed some new features the expansion will add, as well as a concrete release date. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is being billed as a “massive” expansion that adds a new story, monsters, locations, gameplay mechanics, and the Master Hunter Rank.

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The Citadel, a new location, is made up of different environments ranging from “lush forests to icy mountains”, each environment will have its own new endemic life. An abandoned fortress lies in the center of The Citadel and is home to brand new monsters such as Garangolm, which can cover its arms in moss and magma to attack with water and fire when enraged, and Lunagaron, an icy counterpart to the fiery Odogaron that can create body armor through ice.

Other monsters from the base game such as Bishaten will be getting new variants, including Blood Orange Bishaten, which throws explosives. Monsters from previous entries will be in Sunbreak as well. The trailer showed off the return of the electrifying Astalos, which hasn’t been seen since Monster Hunter: Generations.

Elgado will be the new hub for players to explore between hunts while tackling Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s campaign. This hub adds new characters like the genius-yet-aloof researcher Bahari and Elgado’s Quest Damsel, Chichae.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be releasing on June 30 and can be bought either as a standalone digital expansion or a bundle with the base game. A Deluxe Edition featuring various layered armor sets, poses, and cosmetics. A physical Collector’s Edition will also be released and includes a downloadable voucher for the Sunbreak expansion and bonuses of the Deluxe Edition, as well as a steelbook, pins, stickers, and an amiibo of the new Elder Dragon, Malzeno.