New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer shows off upcoming monsters, returning jungle region, and a Sunbreak demo is on the way

Sunbreak is on the horizon.

Image via Capcom

The Capcom June showcase kicked off the event with a new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer. Here, we got our first look at the upcoming return of many monsters for players to hunt in Sunbreak, such as Espinas and Gore Magala, along with the debut of a jungle location for fans to explore. Alongside these announcements, a Sunbreak demo for PC and Nintendo Switch players will be available from June 14.

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Multiple monsters were announced to be on their way to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Returning favorites like Espinas and Daimyo Hermitaur will be an available hunt, along with Gore Magala, the flagship monster from Monster Hunter 4. There will also be new additions for players to learn, such as the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki. These are only a handful of monsters featured in the announcement, with many more appearing in the expansion.

A returning location to the Monster Hunter franchise is the jungle, which initially appeared in the second generation of Monster Hunter games. The location’s appearance will change over time, but the announcement did not say if this was a story element, meaning players wouldn’t see these time changes when they embark on more dangerous hunts.

Alongside all of these announcements was the release of a demo featuring the Sunbreak area. Players will be able to explore the upcoming jungle region, fighting monsters at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, with the advanced mission featuring a Sunbreak monster, Astalos. Unfortunately, you will not be able to transfer any of your save data from this demo to the main game.

Before the Sunbreak segment closed out, we got a first look at the upcoming roadmap for Sunbreak following the official launch. In the August free title update, Lucent Nargacuga will appear as a variant hunt of the standard Nargacuga, and a new area, the Forlorn Arena, will be available. There will be a second free title update sometime towards the end of the year, and then a third in the following months after. No release dates were provided for these title updates.

All Monster Hunter Rise players who purchase the Sunbreak expansion can begin playing it on June 30. You will want to ensure you’ve completed the Serpent Goddess of Thunder story mission to access Sunbreak when it releases.