New Pokémon Snap footage shows off gyroscopic controls, Machamp’s buttox, and more

The game brings the Pokémon world to life like never before.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company released a new six-minute gameplay feature video for New Pokémon Snap, along with two new Japanese commercials for the game. The meatier video highlights the game’s core features, showing the Lental Region in more detail than ever before.

The six-minute gameplay footage focuses on some core mechanics that players will be using when New Pokémon Snap launches on April 30. For example, the game makes full use of the Nintendo Switch’s gyroscope, allowing players to aim their camera with far more accuracy than the N64 original afforded.

While the natural behavior of Pokémon throughout each area will be more than enough to capture them at their best, players can capture unique moments if they lure Pokémon or give them bait. The video shows a player luring a Pikachu towards an item stuck in the sand with bait and a terrifying encounter with two Pokémon stuck in an Ariados’ web.

New Pokémon Snap will also feature other player abilities that open up new opportunities for high-scoring photos. Players can even take new paths and explore the game’s locations in greater detail, capturing Pokémon they may never see on the standard route.

Of course, with this being a game built around photo mode, you can customize each image to find new aspects in the backgrounds that you might have missed. Alternatively, you can make every Pokémon look silly with hats and filters. Players can then upload these to their online profile for others to judge, and they’ll be ranked on the global leaderboard accordingly.

The game’s two Japanese commercials feature Lugia and Machamp. While Lugia appears to be graceful and mysterious, it’s clear that there is only one thing players care about when it comes to Machamp: its gluteus maximus.