New Starfield dev diary dives into the significance of the main music theme, shows new concept art

The sweet sounds of space.

Image via Bethesda

There’s plenty to learn about Starfield before its November release date — we haven’t even seen a proper gameplay demo yet. The latest dev diary deals with sounds rather than sights.

The third episode of Into the Starfield is all about the game’s soundtrack. Audio director Mark Lampert and composer Inon Zur discuss the title theme, which “sets the tone for everything else” in the game, according to Lampert. Zur’s motif for the main theme is the “sanctified triplet,” where the tune starts in one place, changes a bit, then returns to the beginning in “a circular journey.” If that sounds too heady for you, don’t worry — the video plays the theme as Zur speaks to illustrate the concept.

“I believe the best music in a game is music you don’t hear, [but] music that you feel,” Zur states. “My wish is that the music will be present in a way that is going to magnify the entire experience.” Those words ring true even for the dev diary, as we see some new concept art shots that really do feel elevated by the music in the background.

Previous dev diaries from Bethesda explored the game’s persuasion system and robot companion VASCO, and you can bet there will be more before the launch on November 11. Starfield will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC then. As an Xbox Studios title, it will be available on Game Pass at launch.