New The Witcher game development to start after Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt confirms.

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According to quotes reported by and translated into English via Google tools, CD Projekt RED will be starting development on a new The Witcher game right after production on Cyberpunk 2077 wraps up.

The quotes are attributed to Adam Kicinski, president of the CD Projekt group, who is reported to have discussed the matter during a meeting with journalists.

“We have already been working on another single player game, we have created a relatively clear concept that is waiting for further development,” Kicinski said. “And this is already beginning to happen, although we do not want to spend time at the moment.”

“Immediately after the completion of work on Cyberpunk 2077, work on the next title will start,” and the new game is set in The Witcher universe, even though it won’t be called The Witcher 4 as it will give birth to a brand new mainline series.

The preparation on the game will be set by “the smallest team of the Polish company” as “two larger teams will be responsible for the network mode and additions to Cyberpunk 2077“. The multiplayer mode for the much anticipated first-person RPG shooter is considered a triple-A game on its own and is not releasing before 2022.

The Polish studio, for the future, has clear ideas, as “we have two worlds, and within these worlds, we want to create games; therefore, all planned games are either Witcher or Cyberpunk.”

It had already been hinted that The Witcher as a series wasn’t over with The Wild Hunt. It looks safe to state that CD Projekt RED was further convinced to build more games in that franchise after the strong debut of the intellectual property in the entertainment field.

Netflix’s adaption of the original books from Andrzej Sapkowski was so well received that it has already scheduled shooting for a second season, and more are planned for the coming years. 

It seems the European developer doesn’t seem to be willing to waste such potential, and we can make that out by the recent deal signed with Sapkowski that finally ended a legal dispute over the value of the license.

Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing on September 17, 2020.