New World patch 1.0.4 brings back server transfers and Outpost Rush

Defend the outposts.

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Image via Amazon Games

New World’s server transfer feature hasn’t been entirely smooth, but it has worked with multiple servers. However, given the handful of hiccups that have occurred, Amazon Games has been trying to take the service in stride, working with community members to fix any issues that arise. Additionally, the Outpost Rush available to players level 50 and higher has had some problems and had to be taken down for a bit. Following patch 1.0.4, Outpost Rush should be available in all servers in gradual waves.

Server transfers will be returning after maintenance for patch 1.0.4 wraps up, roughly around 10 AM PT. This time could change, though. Hopefully, there are fewer issues where players won’t be losing anything they bring with them.

Regarding Outpost Rush, it will first go through testing in the South American regions to ensure no further server issues. After that, it will arrive for the rest of the world.

Other changes that are coming in patch 1.0.4 include balance changes to Life Staff passives for Mending Touch and Blissful Touch, Everfall will not have a starting beach, bugs from 1.0.3 are corrected where players had income issues for their treasury cap or Companies disbanding received none of their money back, and Faction token cap has increased by 50%.

The Amazon Games team is working to correct more problems, but hopefully, they will address the situation where certain perks do nothing. The New World community members have noticed that many perks do not work and are not working into their builds.

The patch notes did not discuss it, but the Amazon Games team is looking into the previously war-breaking problem where magical AoE attacks would lag the battle, preventing them from taking damage. It’s a step in the right direction, away from server transfers.