New World server transfers pushed to next week, expect downtime

The transfer process can almost start.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

The launch week for New World was all over the place and forced many players to grapple with queue times. To help combat these problems, Amazon Games created additional servers, sharing that they would work on a server transfer feature so players could sync up with their friends to find their forever server together, rather than be scattered to the winds. The team has announced those server transfers will be arriving next week, pushing it back from this week to ensure the servers don’t go down over the weekend.

The announcement was shared on the New World forums, where the development team has shared they have been tirelessly working on the feature to ensure the process is smooth for every player. They also said that more exact dates and information would release closer to the actual release date for all server transfers. It should be happening sometime between October 18 to 22.

The server transfers were pushed back to ensure that any player-based wars happening over the weekend could be wrapped up, and it did not occur during their peak times, which makes sense. However, New World’s weekly maintenance happens Tuesday morning, so it could happen then. Right now, we’re in the dark regarding the exact date.

We’re also eager to hear if Amazon Games decided to restrict players to only transfer servers within the same region of their current server. Previously, this was not the case, but when the development team shared the finer details about how server transfers would work last week, they concluded that players could only swap their character to servers within the same region.

We’re nearing the end of the server transfer saga for New World, and we’d like to see where Amazon Games places its focus next.