Niantic announces the first Community Day for Pikmin Bloom

Just like in Pokémon Go.

Pikmin Bloom

Image via Niantic

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Niantic announced the first major event for its recently released Pikmin Bloom mobile game. The event will be Community Day — it will take place on Saturday, November 13, starting at 9 AM local time. The event will last until 6 PM same day.

During Community Day, players will be awarded a special badge if they can walk 10,000 steps during the time frame. There will also be other in-app bonuses during the event, including Pikmin seedlings growing at 1.5x the usual speed in players’ planter pack. Fruits will also give double the usual amount of nectar during the event, and Big Flowers will bloom into pansies.

Events like these will help players grow their Pikmin group, as well as spread more flowers in the game’s GPS map. Niantic plans to hold more events in the future and encourages players to keep an eye out for more announcements as they happen.

Pokémon Go also has Community Day events; in Go, Community Day gives players the chance to capture special kinds of Pokémon with exclusive moves and abilities. November’s Go Community Day Pokémon will be Shinx. If Go is anything to go by, then Pikmin Bloom can be expected to be getting monthly Community Day events as well.